MIQLAT (Freedom) 'Fight for a cause'

This  ministry is another very important project of the FFM that was  initiated by Pastor Meribeny Williams early in 2014 in which we have  been sensing the need in reaching out to the Women in Prostitution and  the dealers in the city of New Delhi & the NCR! These Commercial Sex  Workers are working around the clock to earn in order to meet their  ends. ‘MIQLAT’(Shelter/ Home) is a project  in order to reach out to  them with the message of Hope & deliverance through Jesus Christ and  see them come out of this vicious racket!

The Project  is unique because we have established a non- threatening relationship  with pimps that allow us to work directly with women and children inside  brothels in India. Once we are inside the brothel, we gradually work on  'Miqlat's four (4) 'R's:

  • Relationship Building.
  • Receptiveness.
  • Resourcing & Reboot.
  • Rehabilitation.

Special Achievements:

Our  first rescue was an 11 year old girl who was sold by her uncle at the  age of 6 years old. We've also helped rescue a 53 year old woman out of  the devastating cycle of human trafficking. In February 2019 we rescued 2 teen age sisters from the brothel and joined them with their family.

Key Goals and Objectives:

  • Rehabilitate victims through conventional and non conventional trades.
  • Provide education and training programs.
  • Arrange active counselling sessions.
  • Arrange free health camps and yearly health check ups.
  • Provide day care for children of the victims.
  • Distribute food and clothes.


Your support & contribution will enable us to meet our goals
Fountain Flow Ministries is a 501 C3 tax exempt Organization