arise women


Arise Women is a call to all Women of all walks of life empowering them to fulfill their  God given purpose and destiny. It exists to see women rise to their  leadership role as an influence and change to bring heaven on  earth resulting in a transformed society, community or whichever world  she's called to serve!

Keeping in tune with vision, Pastor Meribeny & Pastor Ruati sensed the need  to launch the 'ARISE' Women's Conference in the 2017 at Lucknow  & New Delhi which went further in organizing many more conferences  at various parts of the country and even abroad like the United States  of America. Their vision is to expand in empowering women to rise up and  take a stand for their Identity in Christ and operate in their gifting  and capability as many women in the Bible.

Women  have far been neglected, ignored and subjected to service at homes and  families and in many contexts of communities have been limited to stay indoors. We believe that God has great plans for every woman in this world and have been called to make a difference.

The ARISE emphasis is on the following that the women are important and that:

  • They ​have an Identity in Christ.
  • They are Beautiful.
  • They are Valuable. 
  • They are Created as beloved with Christ in them.
  • They have a role and a responsibility in the body of Jesus. Christ and the Church.



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