This  is a fellowship of believers who are a big family Worshipping God  together. Our deepest desire is to see the well being of the believers,  share God’s goodness with them & invite new lives into the family in  acceptance to their response to the Lord.

Our  aim is to help people be nurtured, grow, prosper & be used of God  to the ultimate potential of each one’s calling. Leading people to know  that GROWING & GOING in God’s will lies in BEING in God’s will!

We  do believe that the Church is the body of Christ & all parts of the  body play an important role together in coordination with one another  which requires ‘fellowship’, a sharing of each other giving way for a  healthy & a strong relationship based Church which possibly rules  out problems between many.

Fountain Flow Christian Center endeavors to move forward to 'KNOW HIM AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN’.

In  order to achieve this, we meet together for fellowships on Sunday  Mornings for the Worship Service, where we have a strong WORSHIP &  THE WORD (Preaching & Teaching), Weekly Bible Studies, Care cell  fellowships in visitation & prayer meetings, fasting & prayers  & a special time with the Youth of the Church. A special  program which is held occasionally known as the 'HANG' (Heralding A New  Generation) is conducted wherein the young people are being ministered  to through activities such as Sports, Worship & the Word, group  discussions & Friends & Fellowship help the Youth, Young adults  and young professionals to surge forward in life and being an influence  among their peers.

Besides  these activities, the Church further endeavors to do outreach programs  through Fountain Flow Ministries International for the growth in His  Kingdom.

Currently the 'Fountain Flow Christian Center' Churches are in New Delhi, India and Bangladesh & other parts of the world that we are in networks with. 

**(For Further details of Church Services/ Address & Timings please do contact us)

The Church Service locations are at the following places:


Fountain Flow Christian Centre

(English & Hindi Church Services)

New Delhi, India

Pastor Vanlal Ruati 

Fountain Flow Christian Centre

Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Pastor Kumar

Redeemer Fellowship Church

Karnal, Haryana, India

Pastor Som Datta

Jesus' Prayer House

Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Pastor Gurmail Singh

Redeemer Fellowship Church

Kaithal, Haryana

Pastor Randhir Singh

Fountain Flow Christian Center

Dhaka/ Gopalgonj/ Khulna, Bangladesh

Pastor James Michael Roy


Your support & contributions will enable us to meet our goals

Fountain Flow Ministries is a 501 C3 tax exempt organization