Many  Pastors, Leaders and Ministers serving the Lord have been relentlessly  working day and night unceasingly for the spread of the gospel. They  have been investing their lives into people, communities and places  facing much hardships, pains and persecutions with most of the people never understanding why they have to live a life of struggles, strife and rejection.

As  the heartbeat of God increased within Pastor Shavez and he himself  along with his family went through much pains and struggles, he felt the  need to move ahead in embracing men and women of God with the Love of  Jesus Christ recognizing their call and their efforts working in the  Harvest Field of souls. He wanted to get behind them to encourage,  challenge, inspire and equip them for the work they have been called on  for.

It  was then that the 'SHIFT' Pastor/ Leader's Conference was launched in  2016, primarily reaching out to the Pastors & Leaders namely in  North & North East India & Bangladesh. The objective for the 'SHIFT' Conference  is to 'UNITE/ ENERGIZE/ IGNITE/ MOBILIZE' them for a fruitful and a  meaningful ministry that we could have by networking, connecting and  helping one another for the common cause and call. Over the last few  months and years SHIFT has brought in more than 1000 Pastors together in  the conferences conducted and decisions made to work together has  been strongly sensed & realised  following which over 54 Churches & Ministries & many more yet  to come decided to bring their efforts under the Network of 'Fountain  Flow Ministries International'.

The  Conferences have further led us to start regular fellowship meetings  bringing in the Pastors/ Leaders & Ministers together in unity and  hence SHIFT Pastor's Network was created in 2018. The main aim for the  network is to bring Pastors & Leaders together in fellow-shipping,  praying, sharing and encouraging one another and to keep each other  covered and protected in the body of Jesus Christ. Over the course of  years we want to see 1200 Churches planted all over the world (Direct  & Indirect Church Plants) coming together with one vision and  mission.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals

Fountain Flow Ministries is a 501 C3 tax exempt organization