Pastor Shavez Williams, Meribeny (Wife) Meshach (Son) & Gloria (Daughter)


Pastor  Shavez Samuel Williams was born in a traditional Christian family &  grew up under intense circumstances facing many difficulties, as his  father was an alcoholic for more than 20 years. His mother being the  only bread winner for the family most of the times brought him & his  sisters up with great difficulty giving them the education needed &  also brought them up in the ways of the Lord. He grew up seeing much  violence in the house & learnt to just trust in the lord for  everything from food to every provision necessary.

He  finished his schooling & felt the Lord leading him to come into the  full time ministry & serve God. He completed his Bible training  from Kolkata (Formally named as Calcutta) India from the ‘Buntain  Theological College’ after 4 years & found the Lord leading him to  step into a ‘COMPLETE FAITH’ ministry trusting him for all. His wife who  he met in the seminary started their journey of faith ministry facing  many difficulties, rejections, despise, & unbelief by many who heard  of their vision leading them to grow stronger in Him. He finally  established the ‘Fountain Flow Evangelistic Ministries’ in February  1998’ which required him to travel & preach the Word through mass  crusades, conferences, conventions & other media coverage, etc as  God called him to be the ‘Evangelist’. Ever since then the Lord has  taken him to lands & countries, preaching the Word with signs &  wonders following.

It  all started in the early part of February 1998 where God spoke to him  while traveling on a train in a vision where he saw ‘fountains of living  waters’ gushing out & seeping into all corners of the earth. This  fountain had a never-ending flow started to flood every area of the  globe. The Lord showed that the gospel, His Word would spring out of  those who believe & He would multiply the fountain having many  sources everywhere. 

Since God has already called him to carry  the ‘Evangelist’s calling, he then received a greater vision for a  universal & a global one to come. His life has then on taken a  drastic change towards the calling & the ministry. Thereafter, his  endeavor has been to continue on the call to perseverance in the vision  he possesses in reaching out to lives all around & see this Fountain  flood to all corners of the earth.

In  January 2004 as he was waiting on the Lord God further gave him a great  burden & felt the need to take on the responsibility as Pastor also  along with the Evangelistic calling he carries & start a Church  fellowship in the City of New Delhi, India which would further spring  out to all neighboring areas. The ministry ultimately would go into the  entire world establishing church fellowships worldwide. With much  prayers & careful strategy on the 2nd of April, 2004 the ‘Fountain  Flow Christian Center’ came into existence with the 1st Sunday morning  Worship Service being conducted at Pastor Shavez’s living room at his  residence with his family, his wife, 11 month old son, his sister in  law & 4 of his friends who came to join in for the opening service. 

Even  after the fellowship had been started there was much discouragements  & attacks that came in as a threat to shut down what God had  started. As a result there were times when his family & he were the  only ones sitting for the service making them feel like giving up. In  spite of all odds he still continued to hold on to what God had promised  & doggedly pressed on forward. After much waiting on the Lord in  fasting & prayers for months, the breakthrough started with God  providing them a bigger place of Worship in a school building. Careful  planning & stress was laid on reaching out to young people who were  unchurched & unbelievers & many started responding &  committed themselves to the Lord in joined the Church seeing results,  changes, signs, wonders & miracles taking place in their lives. Ever  since then the fellowship has been steadily growing month by month with  new people visiting the Church each Sunday. 

Pastor  Shavez was further led to move to the United States by the Lord in 2016  to launch the Mega Vision of planting 1200 Churches across the Globe.


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