This  ministry/ Project have been initiated to empower children who have been  deprived of good education and proper attention while they are students  enrolled at various government institutions or are not being educated  at all due to severe conditions of poverty and other society issues.

In  April 2013, we started the 'English Corner' in our Children’s Home  & within a month we started to draw over 25 children for the English Corner tuition giving them good English grammar & communication  classes.

In 2016, Pastor Ruati felt the need to take the school to the next level to bring together a plan to have a  non formal school with the same curriculum as that of a formal school  from grades Kindergarten to Fifth standard. The School was renamed as  'ENGLISH LEARNING CENTER'. Besides the education that's imparted to the  children at the school, stress is also given very importantly on good  moral & ethical teaching for life.

At  present the 'English Learning Centre' is conducted 5 days a week from  Mondays through Fridays with over 59 children attending a small meal being offered to them.  We have also commenced subjects like Math, Geography & Science also  as the need arises for the children! We are praying for God’s provision  to expand this work and ultimately praying for a proper school to be  initiated in the near future.


Your support & contributions will enable us to meet our goals

Fountain Flow Ministries is a 501 C3 tax exempt organization